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Land that dream job or boost your current one

Tap into the US job market and get access to countless opportunities in tech, while trusting in guided contract and negotiation support.

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Maximize your earnings in USD

Save and invest in USD while still spending in local currency when you need to.

Get trusted tax support

Get trusted tax support

Receive guided tax, accounting, and legal assistance every step of the way whether you're a full-time employee or contract-based.

Never stop growing

Never stop growing

Access in-demand upskilling and education opportunities and stay ahead of the pack.

Say goodbye to office

Say goodbye to the office

Work 100% remotely from day one, just the way you want to.

Rest assured, being insured

Rest assured, being insured

Get the health coverage you need, regardless of where you're located.

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"I'm thrilled with the team and work culture I get to be part of every day. Not only am I working on exciting, practical projects, but I am also receiving mentorship which has been essential to my growth & success so far."



"Ever since becoming a Coba member and getting hired, I've enjoyed a healthy balance between my work and personal life. This has always been something I've strived for and now it's finally a reality for me."



"I get paid well and much more than previously. I'm also able to fully participate in valuable projects and also feel respected and valued because of my team's working culture. Thanks Coba!"



"Landing a job at my current company has been a full-on learning & growth experience from day one for me. I started off as an Android developer and now I'm involved in iOS! I'm getting all the work experience I've always wanted!"

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Want to grow your team? Coba simplifies remote hiring for growing companies, beyond borders. With our high-touch recruiting process and fully compliant local hiring, we're positioned to support companies that seek access to the very best talent across Latin America.

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18 months+ average employee retention


90% of our customers have hired multiple employees through Coba.


Experts in LatAm providing access to 10+ critical tech markets.

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