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Access to US Banking and its global infrastructure with all the benefits of your local neighborhood bank.

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The stack for the modern remote worker

We build solutions to take the complexity out of remote work for Latin American professionals. By plugging into our ecosystem, our members can access the financial tools and services most relevant to them – like access to US banking and tax compliant invoicing to take the headache out of getting paid.

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Maximize your earnings

Maximize your earnings in US Dollars

Your own FDIC insured US bank account in USD.

Instant local money transfers

Instant local money transfers

Seamlessly move your money where you want it, when you want it.

Local spending without fees

Local spending without fees

A spending card you can use locally to buy everything you want.

Truested compliance support

Trusted compliance support

Access to local tax and legal experts that understand the complexities of remote work.

Secure quality health insurance

Secure quality health insurance

Access to the right health coverage for you and your family, wherever you're located.

Placement and career services

Placement and career services

Connecting you to high-paying remote jobs with top global companies.

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Open your USD bank account desde donde sea.

Not crypto. Not a wallet. Not virtual. A genuine bank account designed by and for modern LatAm remote workers.

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We're empowering LatAm talent to thrive



"I'm thrilled with the team and work culture I get to be part of every day. Not only am I working on exciting, practical projects, but I am also receiving mentorship which has been essential to my growth & success so far."



"Ever since becoming a Coba member and getting hired, I've enjoyed a healthy balance between my work and personal life. This has always been something I've strived for and now it's finally a reality for me."



"I get paid well and much more than previously. I'm also able to fully participate in valuable projects and also feel respected and valued because of my team's working culture. Thanks Coba!"



"Landing a job at my current company has been a full-on learning & growth experience from day one for me. I started off as an Android developer and now I'm involved in iOS! I'm getting all the work experience I've always wanted!"