Access to US Banking from Latin America

Easily deposit, manage and save your money in USD while also spending at home in pesos.

Digital Experience

Open a US account from your home country - designed for non-US residents.

Deposit & Save

Deposit or get paid in USD directly into your Coba US account.

Borderless Spending

Manage and spend in USD or pesos easily, without limitations, wait times or fees.

Your Money, Your Way

Global Features

Send and receive money from the US and Latin America

Quickly, easily and securely transfer USD with your Coba US account.

Spend internationally with your US Debit Card

Digital Debit Card to withdraw and shop in USD online or in person.

Local features

Use Coba's physical Card for local spending

Spend with your no-fee peso-denominated card, directly from your Coba account.

Transfer USD to Latin American local accounts

Instantly transfer from USD to pesos in any local account, no-fees.

Live across borders, with no hidden fees

Account opening $0.00
Minimum balance $0.00
Coba Cross-border transfer (US - LatAm) $0.00
Coba physical card issuance & delivery $0.00
Local country transactions on Coba physical card $0.00
Maintenance $0.00
Peace of Mind

Funds in your Coba US Account work seamlessly as a local account.

Support you can count on

Do you need help? Coba's friendly support team is always here to assist you via WhatsApp, email or phone.

Security you can trust

Coba uses secure processes to protect your data and help prevent unauthorized use.

Ideal for Today's Digital Worker

Easily deposit earnings directly in your Coba US Account and access those funds in pesos whenever you want.

Coba offers additional solutions to support remote workers, such as experts, cross-border tax advice, early payroll & private health insurance.

Open your account
Access a US account. Get paid and save in USD. Live and spend in pesos.

Coba is a financial technology company, not a bank.